Community Foundations

Text Box: SMMC received a new dialyze center in the strategy of upgrading the medical provisions for Sint Maarten. This was made possible by various donations of which the construction / renovation by Liccom was one.

Text Box: SMMC a well known medical center in Sint Maarten received its upgrade of one of the chirurgical rooms by various donations made available by companies established on Sint Maarten. The construction / renovation of this room was also made possible by Liccom.
Text Box: The White & Yellow Cross Foundation has its new overall care center situated in St Johns. A fine example as one of the operations created and organized by the White & Yellow Cross Foundation. 

Liccom realized the Night care building within this development.

Text Box: One of the rooms where people gather together in The White & Yellow Cross building in St. Johns
Text Box: Sister Basilia Center where people who need extra help / attention find their place to be.
Text Box: Various constructions by Liccom